Just Start

I have so many projects that are just a hair’s breath away from flourishing. Mine always seem like pretty big ones – master the cello, learn mandarin, publish a book.

We all have projects that, if completed, could change our income, career or life. Maybe yours seem small: ask that man out on a date, spending five extra minutes joining your autistic child, getting up a few minutes earlier to make a good breakfast. Whatever they are, what prevents you from reaching those goals?

For me, the answer is simple. Just start.

When I move towards those goals, just take a small step, I make significant progress. When I don’t, it is for the simple reason that I haven’t started.

Whatever that project or habit or goal you’ve been wanting to start is, start it! Take the first step – today, this moment. You won’t look back a month from now and regret that you began, even if you discontinue later. Take that first step (at every opportunity) and see where it takes you.