Robin loves to practice. He spends his time honing his practice in three arenas: entrepreneurship, movement, and self-awareness.


Perhaps the most important practice of all, self-awareness drives everything Robin sets out to do. Whether it’s meditation, reflection, therapy, self-talk, or asking better questions, he practices self-awareness daily, with the goal of getting to know and trust himself better and better.


As a self-taught acrobat and dancer, Robin is obsessed with movement. After burning out from a career in cross-country, he began pursuing a range of sports, from trapeze to capoeira to surfing to jiu jitsu. He has performed on big and small stages across the country. These days, you’ll find Robin practicing handstand and doing backflips on stage.


Without any one career path in mind, Robin started building businesses at a young age. From Robin’s Cafe, to Responsive Conference, to his creative shop Zander Media, Robin sees business as an opportunity to create change.

Zander Media’s mission is to amplify messages that matter.