Behavior Change – Zander Media Strategy Sessions

A few weeks ago in NYC, I led a strategy workshop for an exclusive group of CEOs and founders who are building companies designed to thrive in the Future of Work. Every organization is tasked with issues that seem insurmountable. Often, the process to accomplishing a huge goal can be so overwhelming that we never […]

Attached to the Outcome Means You’re Going to Fail

I’ve failed a lot in the last year. I have failed to: Remain calm in the face of losing $10,000 Publish a book Not use the word “umm” in a presentation at Stanford University Not break a bone the list goes on As I’ve reviewed these and many other example it is interesting to see […]

Make Smaller Circles

In The Art of Learning Josh Waitzkin has a chapter called “Making Smaller Circles.” These three simple words have profound implication on the learning process and on rapid skill growth. Making smaller circles fits with my experience of learning in several different ways. First, I’ve been making a habit of examining the small steps necessary to […]

Parking in San Francisco is Easy (Or How to Hack Any Task)

There’s just one secret that anyone parking in San Francisco needs to know. Read the fine print first! I use my car to travel throughout San Francisco, a city that has twice as many cars as parking spaces. I was recently parking in the Inner Sunset – or attempting to. I circled the area six […]

What Will You Make of Your Life?

In 2004 I set some life goals. Among the highlights were: Become a monk Live (and grow) through heartbreak Professional physical trainer Save a life Write a book I haven’t become a monk. I haven’t raised a child though I do help others do so, professionally! I did stop that guy from jumping off that […]