Podcast – The Robin Zander Show

September 1st, 2015

I sit down with learners from disciplines as diverse as the arts, technology, and healthcare to understand how individuals and organizations can accelerate performance.



Notes and Resources by Episode


Erica Seldin: Diversity at August, Radical Transparency and Safety at Work

Alexis Gonzales-Black: Zappos, Holacracy, and How We Work in the 21st Century

Joel Gascoigne, Buffer CEO interview at 2016 Responsive Conference

How Not to Join a Cult with Bob Gower

Meredith Haberfeld on Fostering Leadership and Building High Performing Organizations

Adam Pisoni on Founding Yammer, Responsive Org, Abl

Steve Hopkins – Coffee Connoisseur, Yammer, Culture Amp and Building Responsive Organizations

The Doctor of Hip-Hop Blake Brandes on the Benefit of Random Encounters, Hip-Hop for Good, and Dropping the Beat

Physical Culture with Cody Fielding

The Life of a Circus Artist and the Art of Hand Balancing with Cory Tabino

Steve Scott: Authority on Publishing, Writing 60+ Books, and More

LATE NITE ART, Experience Design, and Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone with Adam Rosendahl

Founding Google’s Dance Program with Anna Botelho

IDEAS x Lab: Cultivating Innovation between Civic, Business and the Arts

Sam Aquillano: Founding the Design Museum, What Is Design, and the Importance of Play

Translating the Creative Process with John Michael Schert

Founding AcroYoga, How to Create a Global Movement, and the Courage to Start Over with Jenny Sauer-Klein

Amy Cueva discusses Mad*Pow, Health and Human Centered Design

Ryan Avery of Chance’s End shares his Electronic Violin, Creative Process, and Fears of Performance

Mike Arauz on Reimagining Work for the 21st Century

Conflict Resolution with Dana Caspersen

Virgil Wong on Artistry, Drawing Cadavers and Visualizing Health Information

Episode 17: Josie Garthwaite on Dance, Journalism, and Skill Transfer Across Disciplines

Episode 16: Ella Saltmarshe Interviews Robin Zander about Daily Habits, Intuition, and Being “Plural”

Episode 15:  The Power of The Polymath with Ella Saltmarshe

Episode 14: Derek Sivers: The Creative Autodidact Who Never Stops Learning

Episode 13: An Interview with Host of the Autism Show Podcast Catherine Pascuas

Episode 12: Entrepreneur on Fire John Lee Dumas shares his Mistakes and Motivation

SPECIAL: BJ Fogg Turns the Tables: An Interview with Robin Zander

Episode 10: BJ Fogg, PhD on Persuasive Technology and Behavior Change

Episode 9: Sydney Skybetter on Dance, Technology, and Human Interfaces

Episode 8: How to Create a Viral Video with Karen X Cheng

Episode 7: Kim Nicol: Raise Your Game with Mindfulness and Meditation

Episode 6: Teresa Gonczy: Why Kids Are The Future

Episode 5: Dara Blumenthal, PhD on Critical Theory, Public Toilet Spaces, and the Future of Work

Episode 4: David Leventhal on Dance for PD® (Parkinson’s Disease), Overcoming Rejection, and Developing a Growth Mindset

Episode 3: Natasha Tsakos on Performance Art, Disruption, and Creativity

Episode 2: Vivienne Ming, PhD on Maximizing Human Potential

Episode 1: Ryan Holiday on Practical Philosophy and Books to Live Your Life By