September 27th, 2015

Kim Nicol: Raise Your Game With Mindfulness And Meditation

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Kim Nicol is a meditation teacher for Silicon Valley. When I think of somebody who can speak across boundaries, someone who is sensitive but also not afraid to hustle, Kim Nicol is among the first who comes to mind.

She has taught mindfulness and meditation workshops at Google, Dropbox, General Assembly and many other companies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. She leads annual retreats on a private island in the Caribbean and has recently published her first book Offering.


Quite apart of the fact that just sitting down with Kim is a calming experience, I really enjoy Kim’s ability to speak about mindfulness, meditation, sensuality, and a whole host of other topics in a way that is immediately applicable.

What does it mean to be mindful? Kim has advice that you can apply right away.

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I hope you enjoy this interview with Kim Nicol.

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