Zander Strong Ep. 5 – How to Surf

I’m Robin Zander, and you’re listening to Zander Strong, a podcast about movement in the modern world. Today: the story of how I learned to surf, and the simple tactical steps that you can use to begin surfing right away. It has been an eventful last couple of years! In February 2016 I came up […]

Zander Strong, Ep. 4 – Learning to Breathe

Thanks for listing in for another episode of Zander Strong: The Future of Fitness. In this episode, we examine breathing, which is one of the few human functions that is both automatic and directly within our control. Most of us walk around with our bellies tightly held. The equivalent would be if we walked around with […]

Zander Strong, Episode 3 – Learn to Squat

I’m Robin Zander, and you’re listening to Zander Strong. Today: the importance of squatting. How this long-lost physical practice makes the difference in health, and how you can learn to squat with ease. We so rarely think about how we use and bend at the waist. We are on our feet hours each day but […]

Zander Strong, Episode 2 – The Biggest Muscles in the Body

 Welcome to Zander Strong: The Future of Fitness. Each episode I teach tools and tactics for increasing physical performance and mental resilience. In this 2nd episode, we begin to explore a part of the body that is largely ignored by mainstream fitness, even while it has the biggest bones and muscles in the human […]

Zander Strong, Episode 1 – The Future of Fitness

In conducting my annual review, one of the things that became clear was the importance of a week that I spent in Puerto Rico in June 2017 co-teaching a workshop based on tools that I practice daily but rarely ever speak about or teach. For background, in the Fall of 2008, I met Anat Baniel. […]