Hi, I’m Robin

I work to maximize human performance.

I host The Robin Zander Show, coach via Spring Space, and direct the annual Design for Dance and Responsive conferences.

Otherwise, I’m usually in a dance studio or on stage.


Robin is a intellectual acrobat! As agile with his body as he is with his mind! An insatiable, bright and creative entrepreneur, fond of making things and bringing them to life. Robin is gifted at creating space for people to think dynamically and has a contagious positive energy.

Natasha Tsakos, TED Speaker, Artist & Performer

I work hard and get a lot done. I don’t know of many people who get more done than I do. Robin is one of them.

BJ Fogg, PhD, Director Stanford Persuasive Tech. Lab

Robin is talented, sensitive, and articulate. He not only practices compassion with skill but also conveys this gift usefully to others with both art and precision.

Martha Herbert, MD, PhD, Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School

Robin’s events are the most fun I’ve ever had at a conference, and I run conferences!

Amy Cueva, Founder & Chief Experience Officer, Mad*Pow

How We Learn

My forte is helping people and organizations keep pace with rapid change. I coach executives and consult with companies to re-imagine how humans work in the 21st century.

Through The Robin Zander Show I interview guests from disciplines as diverse as the arts, technology, and business to draw out the common practices that can be applied to preserve sanity and accelerate growth.

In addition, I curate the annual Responsive Conference.

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I direct Design for Dance which BJ Fogg, PhD founded at Stanford University to explore new opportunities for dance and behavior change.

We are instigating a movement to improve the human condition - including work, health, technology, and beyond - through dance.

I am also self-taught in a variety of dance disciplines, including classical ballet and gymnastics. Among other shows, I recently performed in the San Francisco Opera's Les Troyens.

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